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Florida Approved
Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper

Rx Pads ~ EMR Laser Scripts
Thermal Rx Paper Rolls

Florida Rx Paper Products

The State of Florida

Micro Format, Inc. is a Florida State Medicaid Board
AND Florida Department of Health
"approved printer" of Secure Prescription Paper and Pads.

  • Rx forms used for prescribing Medicaid reimbursed medications
    must be purchase from a Florida State Medicaid Board approved printer.
  • Micro Format Tamper Resistant Rx Paper Products
    meet and exceed all Florida State AND Medicaid Requirements

  • At Micro Format, printing Security Prescription Paper is our business ...
    not a side line !

  • Frequently Asked Questions from the Florida Department of Health
Micro Format Florida approved Secure Rx Paper Products
contains all of the required security features including:

  • Unique Production Batch Number for your order
    printed on the front of each script

  • Hidden "VOID" Message Technology
  • Distinctive BLUE Colored Background
  • Blue background Erasure Protection
  • Security Artificial Watermark
  • Security Feature Warning Band
  • Secure Control Production Batch Number

  • State of Florida Regulations require that we print a unique batch number on the front of each script.
    Please allow at least 5 business days from the time we receive your order for printing and shipping.
    We appreciate your orders.
Florida Statutes

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Florida Tamper Resistant Prescription Paper Products

Florida Rx PadsFlorida Rx Pads

Florida Laser Rx PaperFlorida EMR Laser Rx Paper

Florida Thermal Rx Paper RollsFlorida Thermal Rx Rolls

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Effective July 1, 2011, counterfeit-proof prescription blanks must be used by licensed health care practitioners who prescribe controlled substances listed in Chapter 893, Florida Statutes. Section 456.42(2), Florida Statutes, was amended requiring licensed healthcare practitioners purchase counterfeit-proof prescription blanks from vendors approved by the Department of Health.

Vendors approved by the Department of Health are required to provide monthly reports to the Department, documenting who purchased the prescription pad or blanks and how many were purchased.

Micro Format, Inc. is a Florida Department of Health AND Florida Agency for Health Care Administration "approved printer" of Secure Prescription Paper Products.

State of Florida Legislation requires that a unique production batch number appear on the front of each script

At the time your order is placed, a unique batch number for your order will be printed on the front of your laser script paper before your order is shipped.

The move from Schedule III to Schedule II of highly addictive hydrocodone combination painkillers, such as Vicodin, took effect October 6, 2014.
Doctors, who under schedule III could prescribe a six-month supply as a 30-day prescription with up to five refills, are now limited to prescribing a three-month supply under schedule II. The rule also mandates that doctors must write the prescriptions in 30-day increments that can only be filled sequentially.
Pain patients using these drugs will have to visit their doctors every three months for a new prescription.

SecureGuard™ Rx Prescription Paper Products meets and exceeds the FDA Recommendations for prescribing controlled substance prescriptions.

"HIPAA" Compliant
Patient Sign-In Log

Patient Sign-In Logs Patient Sign-In Log

If you dispense Sample Medications ...
You need the SecureGuard™

Sample Medication Label Recording System

Meets Federal and State Regulations.

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